Discover Heritage's brand new "Handball Passion" collection, a celebration of the intensity and passion of handball. Immerse yourself in the dynamic world of this thrilling sport with a range of underwear (boxer, long boxer, shorty, bra) and accessories (neck gaiter and bandana) for men, women, boys, and girls, specially designed for true handball enthusiasts. Express your love for handball with bold patterns featuring players in action, thrilling playing fields, and the excitement of fiery matches. Whether you're a passionate player, a fervent supporter, or simply a fan of this dynamic sport, this collection will allow you to fully experience your passion with style and originality. Each piece of the "Handball Passion" collection is meticulously crafted with exceptional attention to detail in France, ensuring optimal comfort and impeccable quality. The colorful and energetic designs capture the very spirit of handball, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in this captivating sport. Whether you play handball in a club or support your favorite team during competitions, Heritage's "Handball Passion" collection offers you a unique way to show your dedication to this sport.

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