Discover the customization of underwear for men, women, girls, and boys, made in France. Express your style with unique designs and superior quality. Create pieces that reflect who you are while supporting local production. Treat yourself to underwear designed with passion and expertise, highlighting your individuality with each wear. Make every day an opportunity to feel unique and comfortable in your personalized underwear, carefully crafted in France. Choose originality with our customization options.
Histoire d'Héritage
  • Immerse yourself in the intimate story of Heritage.

    Our boutique of personalized boxer shorts, where each seam tells the story of the exceptional craftsmanship of our French atelier. Elegantly comfortable for men, women and children, each personalized product embodies our brand's passion for individuality and craftsmanship, celebrating french style.
  • A unique experience.

    Discover a range of carefully designed underwear, combining comfort and aesthetics for an unrivalled wearing experience. Choose from a variety of exclusive designs and quality materials, ensuring a soft, comfortable feeling all day long.
  • 100% Made in France.

    Opt for French excellence with our underwear and accessories, symbols of a heritage of quality and refinement.

“ A fervent advocate of French artisanal craftsmanship in the making of premium underwear, each piece we offer is the result of meticulous work, handcrafted in Lorraine to promote the industry of our region.

By choosing Héritage, you are supporting the French economy while opting for a product designed to stand the test of time. I am proud to contribute to the heritage of French craftsmanship, while advocating for an ethical, sustainable, conscious fashion, offering a lasting alternative to overconsumption and respecting our planet."

Julien Hemonet, founder of Heritage Underwear ”

Creator of the Heritage brand